Finding myself

What’s it like living in the will of God? It’s confusing, emotional, and sometimes downright awful! It’s questioning, every moment of every day, if you really heard his voice say go that way.  Then deciding if you will continue to go where He pointed. These past two months have been … Continue reading

Whispered Words

It all started out so innocently. Whispered words from a trusted friend. “Your not happy here.” A simple statement, with an immediate and profound impact on my current state of being. Those words washed over me like a flood, destroying the emotional dam I’d built up to numb me from … Continue reading

The Master

The Master’s hands flowed over the edge of the bowl, each finger with a purpose, intent on creation.   The Host looked on, their beauty, nothing in comparison to what He was creating.   Their breathe held,  he spoke the first moment into being.   The scream of new life, … Continue reading