A New Hope

It’s new years eve, that time of year we all sit and reflect on the past year.  2015 was the hardest year Ive encountered since I came to Christ over 10 years ago, and there is not one thing that made it so.  I just systematically gave up each day a little bit more, until I had no hope in anything ever going right.  But most importantly I gave up on God.   But He didn’t give up on me (does He ever).

My car was stolen – He blessed me with more than I paid for it in compensation

I sprained my ankle – it should have broke!!

I pulled away from church, friends – they reached out to me and wouldn’t let me fall through the cracks.

I pulled away from Him – He continued to bless me with answered prayers, a trip to India, memories with my mother and renewed relationships.

I gained loads of weight – He reminded me of my true beauty outside of my appearance.

I lost all hope – He showed me what hope truly looks like.

For over ten years I have chased after the love of my life, but my hope wasn’t in Him.  It was in me.  I believed I was the one who always had to push through, I was the one who had to get up and keep going everyday.  But I see now my hope was misplaced, and that is why this year was so hard.  You see when you place your hope in yourself or another person you are bound to be let down.  But if your hope is in the living God, life is limitless, because He is limitless.

And this is how I enter 2016 with a new Hope in a living God, and I am excited.  I have never encountered Him this way before and it feels good to function out of hope instead of despair.  So I face this year with hope that He will guide me out of the depths of laziness I have fallen into it.  That He will show me my value to His kingdom, not this world.   And my Hope is in His promise that He is working all things for my good and His glory.

I pray you find a new hope this year as well and that your life would be transformed by the saving power of Christ.

A New Hope

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