Is low self-esteem a sin?

“Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.” Proverbs 29:25

Last time,I confessed the loss of my first love. I also confessed how I refuse to see myself through His eyes. In response my mother asked me if dwelling on low self esteem is a sin?

“Well of course it is!” I thought.

After much pondering I reached the same conlcusion. Our society spends so much talking about self-improvement it is hard for us to face this sin, but it is.

Over the past two week I have asked my self the following questions:
Is low self esteem a sin, is dwelling on it a sin?
Does low self esteem grieve the Holy Spirit? And if so, why?

When God made man He endowed us with a sense of self, which Freud termed our Ego. This is where our motivation and drive for decisions as well as our self talk come from. The ego is where our sense of reason is developed and where our curiosity blossoms from. But most importantly it is the part of us which interacts with the Holy Spirit.

So how can the development of this integral part of us be a sin? By feeding it the wrong things.

We have two choices when fueling our ego.
1.We can choose to fuel it with things of the world; images from magazines, movies and music, words from popular songs and those I allow to be around me. This strengths my ego to see myself as the world does: overweight, lazy, unwanted, and unloveable.

2. We can choose to fuel it with the things of God; His Word, worship music, wise council and truth from the Spirit. This strengthens my ego to see myself the way God created me: intelligent, creative, funny, emotional, deeply interested in others, good listener, musically talented, writer, runner, loved by many.

In reality I could go on for days with words describing who God created me to be. But I choose most days to focus on how the world sees me.

So how is self esteem or dwelling on self esteem a sin?

By the focus of our heart. My heart should dwell continually on Christ and who He is. This will in turn cause the fruits of the Spirit to flow from within me, making my need to focus on my self unnecessary.

How do I make Christ the focus? By being aware of every word spoken in my presence. By drowning myself in the words of His book. And by spending time in His presence and focused on His people.

Where does your heart truly lie?

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