The New Adventure Begins

Words and pictures have always been meaningful to me, and I have always had a vague dream of using them some day.

Maybe I could travel the world, and tell people’s stories.

Or capture a moment in time to share with the world.

As I finished Packing Light, by Allison Veserfelt, (Allison’s Blog), I wondered if my dream was even still alive.  However, her words, gave me permission to dream again. My hand grasped that door knob and I wondered if the dream was too tired after all these years to come to fruition.  But I tentatively turned the knob, yanked on the door as the hinges were rusted over from years of neglect and my dream rushed into reality.

Joy filled my soul.  Each step God gave me the choice.  Each time it became easier to say yes!

It hasn’t been easy!  I have had to push passed my insecurities and trust that God knows what He is doing.

I am a writer, and a photographer.  I love to tell the stories behind my pictures. What I see, what I feel, and the joy that moment brings me.  In that truth I have found true joy.  For true joy is only found when I pour my gifts out at His feet.  When I believe that He is good and He wants me to find joy in life.

What is your dream?  Are you brave enough to open that door and see what He does? Tell me about it below.




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