Wedding Fun

I haven’t been writing much lately because God has been stretching me!  I was given the opportunity to photograph two weddings.

The first was my best friend Trish who married a wonderful man named David.  I wasn’t the official photographer.  In fact, I didn’t even shoot these pictures of the ceremony (Jo gets credit for that)!  I really enjoyed the weekend and got home exhausted Monday night.  

Then this past weekend, Iwas paid for my first gig, shooting a new friends wedding.  Talk about go big or go home.  Luckily I wasn’t the primary.  Sarah hired me for more artsy candid photos.  The Metcalfs and the Knoxs were such a fun group of people and such a wonderful heart for God.

The bonus is I learned a lot about lighting and posing people for pictures.  I am ready to tackle the world of portrait photography.  Well maybe not tackle, but at least put my whole foot in the water.

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